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Tegan and Sara Backstage in Peterborough Musicfest 2014

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sext: i want to pay bills and share household duties and approach our late 20’s in a financially and emotionally stable way with you

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  • 1: Favorite era?
  • 2: Favorite song from every album?
  • 3: Favorite song from every album by Sara Quin?
  • 4: Favorite song from every album by Tegan Quin?
  • 5: Favorite lyrics from your 5 favorite songs?
  • 6: Favorite album?
  • 7: Favorite show, if so link please?
  • 8: Favorite musician excluding Tegan and Sara and why?
  • 9: Song on repeat from Under Feet Like Ours?
  • 10: Song on repeat off This Business of Heart?
  • 11: Song on repeat off If It Was You?
  • 12: Song on repeat off So Jealous?
  • 13: Song on repeat off The Con?
  • 14: Song on repeat off Sainthood?
  • 15: Song on repeat off Heartthrob?
  • 16: First song you've heard from them?
  • 17: What got you into them?
  • 18: Song you fall asleep to at night?
  • 19: T-team or S-side?
  • 20: Has your life changed because of them? if so in what way?
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In which Hannah, Grace, and Harley discuss how they terrorized a hotel for Hannah’s birthday.

From the Nerdist podcast episode ‘Youtube Titans’ (Free on iTunes)

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